Monday, August 13, 2012

I Are Back!

Welcome back Loyal Readers..

Today marks the dawn of a new era..the era of TS&T via Mobile Hotspot!!!  SWMBO has had Sprint for 8 years now, and it has taken her almost this long to realize what a joke her cell service is. Dropped calls, busy network, 1g speeds all the would think that might be an indicator that you are not getting what you pay for...

Today we finally got some money and she has made the amazing, brilliant, stupendous move to join me on The Network That Actually Functions. In the process of doing so, I had them check my old calling plan versus their newfangled Share Everything plan..and it actually worked out about $30/month cheaper to switch..Sadly, that is with adding a 2nd smartphone, upping my data limit by 2 gigs a month, and continuing insurance on everything. Yay saving money, and not having to listen to her complain that The Now Stuff Still Doesn't Work Network is not letting her call me, and oh, sorry about the 48 copies of the same reply.

Another added benefit of this is that I can actually use my nice, fast 4g phone as a hotspot, therefore allowing me access to The Intarwebz again from an actual computer. Huge bonus to you folks since it means I can update this here blog rather effortlessly again.

Littlest One is continuing his ascension to Sumo size..he is 7 weeks old now, and has almost doubled his weight. He is usually the shining epitome of fat and happy. Little One is also here, along with G-man..both of whom were the shining epitome of Screaming Birth Control Ads today while we were out and about..I should rent those two out...cuz I swear, if they were not my chilluns, I would never want any of my own...Granted, most days they are quite well behaved, but when they are not, look out world.

Oompa Loompa EMS called me again today, trying to nail me down to work one 12 hour day shift per week. Apparently my contingent jobs have not realized yet that trying to schedule me on a regular basis is like trying to nail Jello to a tree. Plus, they are asking ME to work while the sun is out..what is up with that?!?!?? I tried explaining, yet again, that I work a completely random and indecipherable night time schedule, where no week is same as the one before, or after, or resembling anything written by a human.

Big Green EMS also approved me to work a shift for them Saturday night..with the caveat that since we got bought by MegaloExpansionEMS from down South, that I now need to come in for a "paperwork inservice" before I can actually work. Let's of course set aside the fact that I was one of their supervisor's who was actually responsible for doing said paperwork audits less than a year ago...Or that I need to learn how to document medical necessity, which is something that I have only been doing for 10 years now..Oh least they upped their pay scale slightly to make it a little more worth my time to go hang out with my buddies.

Not much new happening at Big City Trauma Center..other than that they are actually allowing some overtime for us lowly paramedics here recently, which is nice. The downside to that of course is that my moronic self recently completed 8 nights in a row, due to this newfound ability to approve an extra shift for me apparently.

Tips and trick's for you tonight are courtesy of our local Big Red Truck driver's, who also staff the Big Red Boo-Boo BLS Trucks. When one is dispatched to a call, and goes enroute to said call, one PROBABLY should turn on the really neat expensive LED disco light's that my tax dollars paid for. Especially if one is driving around with that there siren activated. A good hint that you may have forgotten this is the local Donut Protector's turned THEIR blinky red and blue lights on, with no traffic around, in the middle of the street when you went by. Liability wise, the city, and in my own special way, my fellow taxpayers and I thank you. People drive like enough of idiot's without you adding to the confusion, passing through red lights at dusk with no visual indicator of what the hell you are doing.

Till next time kids..


Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am still alive!!!

Greetings Loyal Readers..since by this point if you are still reading that is the only explanation.

I sincerely apologize about the delay in posting a new update!!! I have been so busy with life in general that an update just has not happened. Apparently I forgot how hectic life gets with a new baby in the house...

Little man is now 6 1/2 weeks old, and growing bigger every day. He is beginning to settle into his routine a bit more, and has finally decided that he does not need to scream at me all day if Momma is not home. He is doing much better with his feeding, and his jaundice is finally cleared up. Momma is cleared and healthy after her 6 week checkup earlier this week, as is Little Man. He also got the ol snip snip done and is now circumcised.

I am still working like a madman. Last week did 8 shifts in a row..that was a bit much by the end. On day number 8 I had fully re-affirmed my dislike of most of society. Was amazing to get a few days off, and on Sunday I drove down and picked up Little One for 2 more weeks. Last night I worked a shift at the Oompa Loompa EMS squad and skated out of there with only 2 runs for my 12 hour shift!

I have today and tomorrow off, gotta figure out what me and Little One are gonna do yet. Maybe a trip to the zoo tomorrow..we shall see.

Even though it has been forever since I updated, I am going to keep this brief, as SWMBO, Little Man, and Little One are all at home sleeping. Only reason I am updating is because I had to drop something off here at Father In Law's and add a website to his favorites since he couldn't find it.

Still no intarwebs at home, a luxury not needed at the moment, so I am sure there will be a bit of a lull before the next update.

Please, feel free to leave any comments or questions for me below, and I promise I will address all of them!

Till next time...