Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome back, you wonderfully deranged individuals who take time out of your day to read my ramblings! As I sit here sipping on a frosty cold beverage, I am reminded that Prom season is approaching. Obviously, prom is a pivotal moment in the formative years of the youth crowd, in both negative and positive ways. I know I enjoyed prom from the having a fun night with friends and classmates aspect, and never felt the need to drink. Too many times however, be it with or without parental consent and support, the idea of consuming large amounts of alcohol seems to be a fantastic idea. Coupled with both the emotions and hormones of the night, the addition of alcohol to a lack of driving skills is a potentially tragic combination. Every year there are stories of the horrible accidents caused by this fateful decision.

I have participated in a few Operation Prom events in the past, all of which got mixed reactions. While a number of students always just blew it off as an excuse to get out of class for a bit, there was usually a group that it struck home to. The sight of their friends being pulled from destroyed vehicles, either "dead" or "injured" shook them. The arrest and detainment of one of their peers being handcuffed, Mirandized, and placed into a cruiser. The extrication from the wreck. The landing of LifeFlight. Add in well done moulage to make it all nice and bloody for the full visual effect.  The moans and screams from the victims. Add in a few parents acting out what is a not impossible scenario, and it makes for an eerie, disturbing scene. It may not get through to all the students, but it is hoped to get through to those who are paying any attention, and with any luck will pop up in their minds when they debate whether or not to take a drink.

East Baton Rouge Parish DA office video

Fantastic video done by the East Baton Rouge Parish DA's office for their Prom Safety efforts. Great editing, and just an overall wonderful job. Worth watching, and definitely worth sharing!

On a different note, thank you to everyone who has been reading! I hope to continue with regular updates and postings. Please, feel free to post comments, questions ,etc. Share the blog on your facebook if it so suits you and you feel it is worthy. There is nothing on here that is limited to just my friends and family.

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  1. Dan - check this out - it's part of the Montgomery County Shattered Lives Program. Montgomery County is just north of Houston.

  2. Very cool! Another well run program!