Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend with the Kiddo

Well, I have been enjoying a fantastic weekend, both because I am off work on the combination Cinco De Mayo, College graduation, prom, and Full Moon weekend, and because it is my weekend with my daughter.

Since it was rainy and nasty out yesterday there was not much that we did other than hang out inside and play, although it did get nicer enough in the evening that Little One got to go outside and play while I grilled some steaks up. Today has been a nice lazy day..Went grocery shopping and restocked the rather bare shelves in the fridge and the shelves, then just hung out for the afternoon. This evening SWMBO and I took Little One to one of SWMBO's friends weddings. Nice ceremony, not too churchy. Outdoors at a nice park with an attached reception hall.

Both Little One and I enjoyed the reception, and "danced" several dances together. I say "danced" because there is not much in the way of coordination and cooperation from a 3 year old lol. SWMBO even took LO out and danced the Cupid Shuffle. LO caught on pretty quickly, and it was quite entertaining watching the two of them out there having a blast. SWMBO sat out for most of the dancing, as apparently being 31 weeks preggo takes a bit out of ya.

Tomorrow is the last day for LO being here until she returns to purgatory for 2 more weeks. SWMBO's sister is coming over with her two kiddo's to hang out and play with LO. Should be lots of loud, raucous fun for all!

The only thing that has really brought the weekend down was a letter I received in the mail today from the lawyer..Apparently The Ex called MY lawyer, complaining that I was actually exercising my rights to vacation time this summer. Since she infuriated her own lawyer to the point of dropping her as a client, she has made the oh so logical choice to complain to the lawyer who was working against her..yeah, that's the kind of logic I am forced to deal with when it comes to LO. She apparently made the brilliant move of threatening my lawyer and me on voicemail to him that if I continued to pursue my court appointed (and agreed upon by HER as well) vacation time this summer that she would stop allowing me to see LO, claiming that I am "disregarding the court order." Understandably, I must be, since I am following the exact language of it (roll of the old eyes here...).

She then goes on to claim that I am nothing but "basically a part time father". Umm yeah, that is the unfortunate truth, since I am limited to 3 phone calls per 2 week period, and seeing her every other weekend, by her refusal to allow me to play a more significant part of her life..

Sorry to vent to all y'all...just gets a bit frustrating at times. Wish the court system around here was not such a "mother rule" system and would allow a father who does EVERYTHING in his power to be there for his daughter a little bit more leniency when the mother is being unreasonable.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy's back to the grind again next week...which is probably better for the paycheck anyways!


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