Monday, June 11, 2012

June, heat, and rain.

Good morning friends..Yes, I know for many of you odd daytime folk's it is far from morning, but not for me and my nocturnal brethren..

Life continues marching steadily on, although at times it seems to be it is charging headlong with no apparent brakes.  Had another great weekend with the Kiddo's, and even had my brother and my dad come to visit. Was definitely nice spending time with them. Mom couldn't make it as she already had other plans.  Little One and the Gman spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday in the pool, splashing, fighting, and generally being kids. Sunday SWMBO's sister and boyfriend also came over, bringing the grand total to 6 children acting like hyperactive chipmunks on cocaine to the pool.

Friday, SWMBO lost her mucous plug..combined with the pre-term labor she has been having, I think I am going to have my very own Little Man quite soon.  She has been on Terbutaline for the labor, but is scheduled to stop taking it on Wednesday. Last week she missed 1 dose and ended up at the hospital, having contractions nice and regular and strong at a 6 minute cycle..somehow I am thinking I may very well be having my own Father's Day Party up in L and

The weekend was also spent doing the assembly on the stroller/infant carrier combo that my grandparents very generously purchased for us, figuring out how the heck the baby carrier pack thing that CompuSciBro bought for us, and getting the diaper bag assembled. Today was spent putting together the swing that he also bought, and unpacking the Baby Bath.

Last weekend, we took Little One with us, hit a few garage sales, and also a really cool new resale shop that opened down the road from us to buy some baby clothes, since SWMBO apparently gave away ALL of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes that she had from Gman. If you are in the Toledo area, I would recommend checking them out for ANY kids stuff you might need!

SWMBO's Gramma is supposed to be taking her out shopping soon to get some more clothes and some diapers, which are always needed. We bought a pack of the newborn size the other day, but have not even come close to stockpiling what we need.  We are thinking that we will have a post-birth Diaper Party in a few weeks..just have to figure out where we are having it and such, since parking is such a beast here.

Has been amazing to have the last 2 weekends off with my daughter. This weekend I am scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday (booooooooo) but I suppose 3 perfect weekends in a row is too much to ask!  I am back to work tonight and tomorrow, then off until the weekend.

I have been asked to help co-write a blog post with EpiJunky so that should be coming out soon as well. Should be interesting, and looking forward to the experience.

Alrighty..I have dishes to do so that we can eat dinner, and other assorted minutia to do before work. I apologize that this post is rather incohesive and lacking in major substance..

Until next time...


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