Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sorry for the wait

Hello loyal readers..Sorry for the long wait for anything new..been real busy here in the TS&T household.

Little Man has made his appearance, on 6-24-12. Stressful delivery with a few complications, with the end result of a beautiful healthy little boy. Obviously that kept me a little occupied for a while, especially with the several false starts that we went through. Even on the day of delivery we dealt with hassles, including a L and D nurse who was insistent that SWMBO was only having a kidney stone...

I managed to have enough time off built up to take 2 weeks off of work. Have spent the time off getting the Boss Lady and Little Man settled at home. Everyone is adjusting well to the new member of the household. I also have been lucky enough to have Little One for a bit over 2 weeks for my summer visitation. Has been absolutely amazing getting to spend that much time with my lil girl!

When I have some more time, and am not using a borrowed computer I will get some pictures posted. Since I am the only income in the house, a few cuts have had to be made. TV and Internet were the first to go, since we have shloads of movies in the house, and both me and SWMBO have the intarwebs on our phone. The only real downside to this is that I just can't bring myself to sit down and write a full post on my phone.

I go back to work tomorrow night, which means I get to stay up late tonight to transition myself back to a nocturnal schedule after 2+ weeks of being up during the day, that should be interesting. I miss the routine of being at work, doing what I do best, but by the same token I will definitely miss spending my days relaxing with the family. I certainly have a nice non-nocturnal tan going from all the time outside and in the pool with the Kids.

Huge thanks to family and friends who have given/bought us clothes, diapers, wipes, and assorted other goodies for Little Man. You all have been a HUGE help to making this a bit easier on us all.

Since I am at the Father in Law's, I will sign off for now, with promises for more regular updates, and a return to your friendly, bitter EMS rantings!

Till next time...

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