Thursday, December 13, 2012

I still exist!

Alrighty..after an ungodly long delay in posting, I figured I should remind you all I still exist. I promise (and this time I mean it) that I will be updating this more frequently.

It is December, which means the holidays are upon us. November flew on by, with your's truly turning another year older, a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with family, and we are rushing headlong into the Christmas season.

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Myself, SWMBO, Big and Little Man went to both of SWMBO's families for Thanksgivings on turkey day itself. I as usual was stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable on great food, and did not really eat at our second stop of the day. Also did not help that I was coming off another night shift and had only a brief nap. Then, after a much later start then I would prefer, we were off on the road to my parent's. SWMBO drove for a little bit, and then I took over duties as chauffeur in chief, and we arrived safely at the Parental Unit's. We spent Thursday and Friday nights up at the parents, with Terri and Little man commandeering Little Sister's bedroom for the duration.  Big Man and I slept out in the camper, which turned out, at least for me, to be a bit of a frigid affair. Saturday afternoon we packed the circus back up and headed back home.

Slowly getting ready for Christmas here at home..SWMBO has done an amazing job decorating the house and getting it into the holiday spirit. Big tree is up out on the porch, put up and lit by SWMBO. Big Man and I put all the ornaments on..I think I did less yelling this year...

Little tree decorated entirely by Big Man is up in the dining room, and Little Man is fascinated by the fiber optic lights. Christmas here at the house will be relatively light again this year, but SWMBO is to be commended, as always, for her eagle eye for finding some bargains so we can get gifts for the littles. As usual, the grandparents have gone nut's with gift buying, but I think we have made some progress with the kids instilling the fact that Christmas is not about the presents, it is about family. All of us, minus Little Girl will be headed up to Aunt Paula's the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with SWMBO's mom's side of the family. Christmas day will be here at home with ALL the kids, then heading over to Nana and Papa's house to do the holiday thang over there. Last but not least is a to be nailed down yet date for my parents, and whatever siblings tag along, to come down, have a nice turkey dinner, and do a holiday gathering here sometime after the first of the year.

Little Man is getting huge..he is 5 1/2 months, 22 pounds, and is in 12-18 month clothes already. Luckily he has his momma's good looks, and unfortunately he has my gas. He is getting bigger by the day, and his hand-eye coordination is improving rapidly. We have found that he enjoys all the various kinds of squash we have cooked for him, pumpkin, carrots, and broccoli..all mixed with some apples for sweetness of course. He is even starting to sleep through the nights more often, which is greatly appreciated by both regularly exhausted parents.

Ok...some kind of medical update next time..I promise.  Not sure yet whether it will be a scenario based post with your feedback (yes, dear lord you can leave that stuff) working your way through the solution. Should be interesting with the mix of paramedics and nurses, as well as various other medical specialties that read this to see what we can come up with.

Until next time...


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